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Inspire Cayman is your one stop shop destination whether you're a beginner,
intermediate, or advanced scooter rider. We are the authorized dealer for Havoc Pro
Scooters. On our site you’ll find scooters, parts and accessories, all that you will
need to raise havoc on the streets or at the park. Ask us about our signature
Inspire apparel, upcoming events and camps which are hosted regularly. Our goal is
for the best customer satisfaction, giving you the ultimate performance products and
engaging our youth and community.



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 What our client says

Testimonial 6

Inspire Cayman has every accessory for a scooter, Michael was so helpful with helping my son decided on what parts he needed.

Testimonials 5

I cant believe we finally have our own scooter dealer on island, no more shopping on ebay or Amazon

Testimonials 4

I love my rainbow scooter, they can only be found at Inspire Cayman.


Testimonial 3

I no longer have to purchase my son’s scooter accessories online, Inspire Cayman carries all accessories for an affordable price.


Testimonial 2

I purchase my daughter’s mini scooter from Inspire Cayman, it was the best investment I have made on a recreational toy, she loves it.


Testimonial 1

Inspire Cayman has the best quality scooters on island with the best prices.





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