We believe that every child and family must have access to quality, affordable recreational activities and products.

As a corporate investor of our youth and the wider community, we will be hosting local and international competitions and exhibitions in Scootering, Skateboarding and BMX, youth camps and family events in Cayman Islands and the Caribbean as part of our greater desire to create opportunities for youth to engage in structured programmes that develops leadership, sportsmanship, respect and integrity.

Inspire Cayman is the authorized Caribbean dealer of Havoc Pro   Scooters and as such will be promoting the sales of all of Havoc Pro Scooters Scooters and Accessories.






Our advantages

Product Support

We offer amazing product support and Warranties.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our Staff has a passion for scooters! Ask us anything, we are scooter experts!

Keeping you up to date

We are always trying to keep you up to date with scooter events, and new products that will keep you on top of your game.