Which scooter should I buy?

For children between the ages of 2-5 years old, the Mini Scooter is receommended.  Its a great starter scooter and allows the child to establish a lot of confidence on a scooter.  Children over the age of  six years old who have recently started scooting, the Havoc Storm, (Gold, Chrome,...

How to shop for replacement parts?

We are the only company who stock the full range of replacement parts for your Scooters in the Cayman Islands, meaning you can replace and revamp any worn part providing excellent value for money!

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we offer 10% on all scooter models and accessories. Inspire Cayman is a member of Club Save and the Chamber of Commerce

Do scooters come assembled or in parts?

All of our complete scooters come partially assembled (including custom scooters). For shipping purposes the bar is not attached. When it arrives all you have to do is attach the bar, tighten the bolts and then go ride!