Opt for S1 Helmet for Safety and Comfort

These days, the demand for mini scooter is growing at a rapid pace. Children are requesting their parents to buy mini scooter so that they can do some stunts at Skate Park. They are paying a lot of attention on the color and style. However, it is also important to focus on helmet. It is an important accessory which should not be overlooked.

A Brief Insight into S1 Lifer Helmet
Talking about helmet, it is good to buy S1 lifer helmet online. This is considered as the best fitting and safest helmets for skateboarding. The best thing is that it is specially formulated EPS fusion foam, allowing you to protect your head from multiple low force and high impacts. It is 5x times more protective in comparison to regular skate helmets.

The helmet also combines the added safety of CPSC and ASTM. It can be used for longboarding, skateboarding, scootering, roller skating and roller derby.

On the other hand,S1 helmet fit all kit is the must buy. When you purchase this you will get all 6 different thickness of sizing liners so that you can fit your helmet seamlessly now or at the time when your head grows. This is considered as the perfect choice when you are not sure about the size of your helmet.

Inspire Cayman is one of the best sources of helmet, mini BMX and scooter. Hence, now you know the best source to buy S1 helmet online. By visiting this site, you will be able to know a lot more about the products. This way you can finalize the purchase without any problem.