The Anatomy of a Pro-scooter: Your Guide to Buying the Right One

havoc Pro scooter

The guide to buying the right pro-scooter starts with knowing the parts because many professional riders believe that the scooter’s longevity and fluid functionality depend on how calibrated the parts are.

If You Are One Of Those Who Are New To This, Here Is A Full Anatomical Guide On Understanding The Nooks And Crannies Of A Havoc Mini Scooter …

  • Deck

The deck is to let you stand on it. Most of the custom scooter builds start with the assemblage of the deck, and then the procedure takes up from there. To buy the correct pro-scooter, you have to consider three factors: length, width, and the boxed end. Of course, depending on your build, all the factors will vary.

  • Fork

The fork is responsible for performing two things, first is to allow the rider to hold the front of the wheel, while the second is to give them the control so that they can turn at their desire. Two basic types of forks that you may find are HIC/SCS or IHC. The HIC goes with the oversized bars, while the IHC complements the standard-sized bars.

  • Headset

A headset is responsible for helping the bars spin smoothly. It is one of the elements that are compatible with everything. Although most comes with the spacer that is required for the HIC or SCS. However, you will find the IHC to have their headset spacer.

  • Wheels

We all know what wheels are needed for. Although you must know the diameter size, which ranges from 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, and 125mm, rim types include spoked, hollow core, and full core. You must also know the bearings and decks, and forks as these will support the diameter size.

  • Bars

Bars are important as it allows the rider to steer the scooter according to their desire. You must consider height, width as well as material for the bar before purchasing the scooter. Along with that, you must think about whether you need a straight T-Bar or with design or the back sweep or not.

  • Grips:

Grips are the soft rubber aspects on the bars that help you hold onto the scooter without sliding. You must consider the thickness, softness as well as the length of the grips.

Apart from these, the two things you must mind are Griptape, as it helps your feet get stuck with the deck, and clamp, which secures the bars with the fork. So now that you know the anatomy of the Best Havoc Pro Scooters, purchase them from Inspire Cayman.