Tips And Tricks To Calibrate The Bearings

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Bearings are an essential part of the pro-scooter upon which our riding experience depends. However, it is also the part that gets worn out very easily and requires maintenance more than any equipment in the pro-scooter.

Recalibration of any piece of machinery is important to improve the applicability of the machinery. Without proper calibration, it will rather become hard to ride a pro-scooter while yielding proper satisfaction.

In Case You Are New To Calibrating Bearings And Looking To Shop Scooter Accessories Online, Know These Important Tips On Calibrating It…

  • Always keep your bearing clean:

The road to preventing the integrity of bearing starts with cleanliness. You have to keep the bearings clean all the time. The two main elements that create an impact on the functionality of the bearing are dirt and water.

As bearings are always one or two inches above the ground, they constantly keep collecting sand, dust, water, and road grime. So driving it on the concrete pavement where no puddles are available is the first step towards preservation. However, if you do ride into the mud, we suggest you clean it properly.

  • Rotate wheels to keep it uniform:

Rotating your wheels is an important feat that can make all the difference. To rotate your wheels, you have to switch your front wheel out with the rear wheel. To rotate the rear wheel, you have to follow the same method but instead of switching the front, do the rear wheel first. Rotating your wheels will help you keep the integrity of both wheels uniform.

  • Dialing in is the key:

Keeping the wheels dialed is the key to making sure that your wheel is working properly. Apart from keeping your wheels dry and out of the way of a puddle, you have to keep the axle of your wheel tight as it will help the bearings last longer. Normally, heavy riding puts the wheels under pressure and creates uneven stress on the bearings. That is why you must keep the axle tight to minimize the occurrence of the risk.

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